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Updated: Jan 12

"Life is to be measured not so much by the position you reach, as by the obstacles that you overcome while trying to succeed" Booker T Washington

Resilience can be the key to most success. Without resilience, we are unaware of how to get back up when knocked down by life.

Resilience is a fundamental key to any kind of success. When we possess the ability and inclination to get back up and dust life off, we exercise and grow our resilience, giving us the potential to succeed at almost anything. Life will always present us with experiences that we may perceive as failures/lessons. If we choose to perceive these failures/lessons as stepping stones that we need in order to climb to the next experience, we are then provided with a path that resembles a journey to success. We also have the ability to draw on and learn from every experience, giving us the tools to discern what works for us and what we believe we may not belong in our lives. We can change the way we see everything. Much like a "lessons learnt" or a "retrospective" meeting in the corporate world, we can have those meetings with ourselves in private moments, or with friends. They all yield a similar result, what we could do better next time and what to avoid! It really is that simple.

I have a very dear friend who replies "that's awesome! Now you know what the good ones look like!" to those who reply with "I've had a really bad day" when asked how they are. It places our perspective back where it belongs, in the present moment with the "glass half full". It almost always flips the recipient's perspective and starts them thinking about the good ones. It is one of my favourite ways to flip someone's perspective and realise that we require the 'bad days' to recognise that the 'good' ones exist. It also allows us to appreciate the good ones a little more.

Always remember that when we dwell on the negative/unpleasant experiences, we leave no room for the positive and pleasant ones to enter our lives. Let's get busy making room!

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